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Rent DVDs by mail for a monthly fee; four plans available.
Avg. Review for Netflix: 4 of 5 stars
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User Reviews for Netflix

Number of reviews: 7
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Saves Time
9/21/2004 4 of 5 stars
I think NetFlix is a great site. I'll never have to go to the movie rental store again. I love the recommendations area and rating previously viewed titles is a plus for every user. There are never any shipping charges which is the major bonus. I do wish you could have more movies out at one time for less $$.
Reviewer: Cindy Harney
9/03/2004 5 of 5 stars
I love Netflix... movies i haven't seen in years, and movies i'm dying to see.. what is better?
Reviewer: Babygirl38258
A Movie Lovers Dream
6/13/2004 5 of 5 stars
I must admit at first i was alittle sceptical about this site i mean come on rent for as long as you want and no late fees yea right!!!!!! But to my surprize it is all that it claims.I was a Blockbuster Video renter for years so this offer was to good to be true but it is you get the movies quick you whatch them you send them back they send you more.And you keep them as long as you want.Needless to say i have ripped up my blockbust card.Netflix is the only way for true movie lovers to go
Reviewer: Arthur
They go out of thier way for you!
3/28/2004 5 of 5 stars
I have been with Netflix for a couple of years now and love them! I know of no Block Buster that has over 10,000 selections. They go out of there way to keep you as a happy customer. Each time I have had DVD's lost or late in the mail they sent a replacement promptly. My Calculations have shown that it cost about $1.75 per DVD rental compared to $4.25 each at Block Buster! Plus there are never any late fee's or standing in line.

Thanks and keep up the great service!
Reviewer: Jamie Plante
Netflix No.1
2/18/2004 5 of 5 stars
Netflix saves time going to the movie rental store, standing in line.
Only hang up I have movies could come to your home a little faster.
Reviewer: James Thomas Jr
A Joy
11/23/2003 5 of 5 stars
Netflix is the most user friendly website I've ever used. Everyone else should start paying attention!
Reviewer: Rachel Jordan Ross
Great for DVD's
10/08/2003 5 of 5 stars
Netflix has recently changed their website to make it more snazzy looking. The new version is perhaps not quite as user friendly as the former, just better looking. I still love the site, and is useful and easy for renting DVD's.
Reviewer: Omar Barsimantov

1 - 7 of 7 reviews