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Microsoft's Internet portal. Offers personalized content, with search, news, stocks, email, weather and access to other Microsoft content channels including MSNBC, Carpoint, Expedia (travel) and more.
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Love it
11/08/2005 4 of 5 stars
Very informative and up to date.
Reviewer: Jim
Could nbe better
11/06/2005 2 of 5 stars
I use msn only because they are connectede with qwest my bdsl pervider
Reviewer: Richard Day
I love this site so much. It can't get any better.
11/05/2005 5 of 5 stars
Hello. My name is Brandon Byrd. I have been using this hotmail account for about a year now. Everything I needed, it was on hotmail. If you ask me, I rank this site a 100. That's how good it is to me.
Reviewer: Brandon Byrd
love it
10/25/2005 5 of 5 stars
hi this is sandy campbell talking ;;i have never had any trouble with msn. it come fast when im ready too go on msn. my huband use it with no problems ;and i no some other family that uses msn. too thank you ...
Reviewer: sandy campbell
Can be depended
10/16/2005 4 of 5 stars
I love the site and want you to know that it can be depended on whatever i need to do and know. Easy to find things and navigate to the web site.
Reviewer: Edgar Pili
pop up or under
10/06/2005 3 of 5 stars
On the search bar there is apopup button that can turn on or off the function,however i can not tell the differencw between the two. I still recieve alot of pop ups especially of late from CHEAP TICKETS AND SPYWARE SITES. How do I stop these is my system disfunctional???
Reviewer: Joe Costa
Superior site
10/05/2005 5 of 5 stars
MSN.Com is by far superior to any of the web sites I have ever used. In my business I need a highly dependable web site. MSN.COM has proven to be my personal choice. It is light years ahead of it's many competitors in terms of the features offered. I have never experienced an interuption nor a delay in my emails. Their news features are exceptional, as is the function of building your own personal home page. Keep up the good work MSN.


Charles Campbell
Reviewer: Charles Campbell
9/21/2005 4 of 5 stars
what about a smooth scrolling download,can't seem to find a way out of choppie scrolling? thankx
love the site
9/05/2005 5 of 5 stars
Reviewer: coty
Could be better
8/16/2005 1 of 5 stars
I can`t open my inbox in Outlook Express, why???
Reviewer: Odd-Einar

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